Recon helps users

pay you directly

Payment gateways are a hassle. They:

  • have high charges
  • affect success rates since money passes through multiple chokepoints.
  • hold customer data which might be misused by other clients.

What if your business can take money directly from users? And not via the banks of payment gateways?

Recon allows you to do so by tracking direct payments from users.

Bottom line

You can accept UPI & IMPS payments from users directly into your bank account, which:

  1. gives you much more control.
  2. saves you gateway costs.

We are Recon.

Recon was founded in 2022. We’re an experienced team consisting of graduates from IITs. We come from varied backgrounds, including finance, design, and e-commerce.

Our foray into payment began with frustration over how payment gateways work, particularly their costs.

Also, gateways restrict usage for companies in emerging industries like online gaming. Such hassles prompted an idea for a payment reconciliation service that is a smoother alternative to payment gateways.

We’re beyond excited about our product and we can’t wait to be pioneering this realm.

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